SpaceWorks monitors global satellite activity to provide
valuable insights into this growing market enabling clients to make sound future investment decisions.



Nano/ Microsatellite Market Assessment 2017

Assessment Archive

An archive of market assessments and other small studies

 Nano/Microsatellite Market Assessment 

 Launch Report: 2014 Year in Review

 Small Satellite Market Observation

 Nano / Microsatellite Market Assessment

 Spacecraft Mass Trends

 Launch Report: 2013 Year in Review 

 Nano / Microsatellite Market Assessment

 Nano / Microsatellite Market Assessment

 Nano / Microsatellite Market Assessment 

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We offer custom market assessments and forecasts for nano/microsatellites and larger satellite classes.
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Who is SpaceWorks?

SpaceWorks Enterprises, Inc. (SEI) is an aerospace engineering design and analysis firm focusing on next-generation space transportation systems, future technologies, human and robotic exploration of space, and emerging space markets and applications. SEI's advanced design and development work helps our customers quantify the impact of future technologies, understand the feasibility of proposed space projects, and make strategic decisions regarding future markets. SpaceWorks’ Engineering Economics Group (EEG) provides integrated and quantitative analysis of life cycle disciplines that complements advanced space systems design and development activities. The EEG regularly evaluates proposed solutions and architectures from a business perspective and determines the criteria for financial success. 

What types of satellite market assessments and forecasts can SpaceWorks provide?

Since 2008, SpaceWorks has actively monitored global satellite activities, and completes customized market assessments for commercial and government customers in the satellite and launch vehicle communities. SpaceWorks can provide historical data and forecasted activity based on combinations of the spacecraft and mission characteristics, such as:

  • • Mass class
    • Country of satellite owner/operator
    • Sector of satellite owner/operator (civil, government, military, commercial)
    • Uplink or downlink frequency band(s)
    • Satellite application (Earth observation/remote sensing, technology, science, communications, reconnaissance)
    • Orbital parameters (apogee, perigee, inclination, etc.)
    • Satellite lifetime
    • Power
    • Propulsion system
    • Launch vehicle

This list of spacecraft and mission characteristics is not exhaustive. Please contact us if you're interested in exploring another characteristic not listed here. 

What data does SpaceWorks use to produce its forecasts?

The data source for all assessments is the SpaceWorks Satellite Launch Demand Database (LDDB), an extensive database of all known historical (2000 – 2014) and future (2015+) satellites with masses between 0 kg and 10,000+ kg. The LDDB is updated quarterly and reflects a combination of public and non-public satellite projects and programs. In developing long-term projections and forecasts, SpaceWorks makes quantitative and qualitative adjustments to these programs that account for the expected sustainment of current activities, as well as the continued emergence and growth of numerous existing commercial companies.

In addition to the satellite’s mass, the LDDB contains other types of information about the satellite such as: satellite owner/operator, country of owner/operator, contractor, sector (civil, government, military, commercial), application (Earth observation/remote sensing, technology, science, communications, reconnaissance), orbital parameters (apogee, perigee, eccentricity, inclination, period), satellite lifetime, power, propulsion, frequency band(s), launch year, launch date, launch location, launch vehicle, etc.

Does SpaceWorks only forecast satellite activity?

No, the EEG estimates market size and forecasts growth in various existing and future segments of the aerospace industry such as satellites, expendable and reusable launch services, LEO payload delivery, ISS commercial crew/cargo services, propellant depots with commercial resupply,  space tourism (high altitude balloon, suborbital, LEO, lunar), space-based solar power, satellite servicing, and high speed point-to-point passenger/cargo transportation.


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